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Exemption Forms

  • BFS-RP-P-3
  • BFS-RP-P-3A
    Home Exemption Continuance - Relocation to Care Home or Facility Annual
  • BFS-RP-P-3B1
    Home Exemption Continuance - Temporary Relocation of Renovation / Sabbatical / Fire
  • BFS-RP-P-3B2
    Home Exemption Reoccupation From Temporary Relocation
  • BFS-RP-P-5
    Charitable (Nonprofit)
  • BFS-RP-P-5CU
    Credit Union
  • BFS-RP-P-5A
    Low-Income Rental Housing
  • BFS-RP-P-5A1
    Low-Income Rental Housing Annual Certification
  • BFS-RP-P-5D
    Renewable Energy Exemption
  • BFS-RP-P-6
    Hansen's Disease, Hearing, Eyesight, Total Disability with State of Hawaii Form N-172 **
  • BFS-RP-P-6B
    Total Disabled Veteran Exemption **
  • BFS-RP-P-6BA
    Total Disabled Veteran Exemption Continuance
  • BFS-RP-P-9
    Public Service Company
  • BFS-RP-P-21
    Vacant Agricultural Land
  • BFS-RP-P-32
    Kuleana Land
  • BFS-RP-P-43
    Change in Status - Exemption Claims & Mailing Address
  • BFS-RP-P-5B
    Setback Public Property Annual
  • BFS-RP-P-5C
    For-Profit Child Care Center
  • BFS-PR-P-44
    Off-Base Military Housing Projects on Federal Property
  • BFS-RP-P-45
    Kakaako Industrial Limited Development
  • BFS-RP-P-25
  • BFS-RP-P-67XC
    Affordable Rental Housing - Exemption During Construction
  • BFS-RP-P-67X
    Affordable Rental Housing
  • BFS-RP-P-67XA
    Affordable Rental Housing - Annual Certification And Continued Claim

Dedication Forms

  • BFS-RP-P-41
    For Agricultural Use - Initial
  • BFS-RP-P41A
    For Agricultural Use - Annual
  • BFS-RP-P42
    For Vacant Agricultural Land
  • BFS-RP-P42A
    For Government-Owned Land As Vacant Agricultural Land For a 24-Month Period
  • BFS-RP-P41B
    For Lands in Urban Districts
  • BFS-RP-P-41E
    For Residential Use
  • BFS-RP-P-91
    For Historic Residential Property
  • For Historic Residential-Plaque Specifications and Rules
  • BFS-RP-P-99
    For Historic Commercial Property
  • For Historic Commercial Property-Maintenance Agreement
  • Short Form For Historic Commercial Property-Maintenance Agreement
  • BFS-RP-P-7
    For Low-Income Rental Housing - Related to Residential A Classification
  • BFS-RP-P-7A
    For Low-Income Rental Housing Annual - Related to Residential A Classification

Appeal Forms

  • BFS-RP-P-51 No Year
    Board of Review Appeal Form - No Year Fillable
  • BFS-RP-P-51 No Year
    Board of Review Appeal Form - No Year Non-Fillable

Declaration of Restrictive Covenants / Annual Certification - Affordable Rental Housing

  • BFS-RP-P-67D
    Declaration of Restrictive Covenants
  • BFS-RP-P-67C
    Annual Certification For Affordable Rental Housing Project

Rebate Forms

  • BFS-RP-P-49
    For Enterprise Zoned Areas and Information

Claim Forms

  • BFS-RP-P-48A
    Remission of Taxes in Case of Natural Disasters
The forms listed are provided in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing. Instructions for how to file each form are indicated within the form. You may fill in the form on-line using Adobe Acrobat Reader, but must submit a printed copy as signatures on the forms are required.